Ali, is a father of 4 children, 3 little girls and one boy who are his world and his sunshine in life, married to a beautiful caring and loving wife who is his strength and back bone in everything.  Ali was born in Iran, but since 2001 has lived in the united Kingdom after falling in love with a British Girl on the net!!! what are the chances!! and still married and live together, strong as ever after many years of marriage life with 4 kids. Ali's first born has Autism and Cerebral palsy (CP) which is a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood, but she is the reason why Ali is so caring and on the mission to help millions living a better life full of joy, love and success. Ali and his wife as a young couple had to go through a lot to diagnose their child and come to terms of accepting the situation. 
Ali was very young, when he came to United Kingdom, so he did his studies here from GCSEs And A Levels to Degree in Business Management and MBA, while he is severely Dyslexic and continually been blocked by narrow minded people that labelled him all his life as slow, but luckily one person believed in him and did his test on the computer instead of paper, which then he passed his College entry test with flying colours after being rejected by most colleges in United Kingdom, because they did not know he was dyslexic. Since then he never gave up because now he knew he is not stupid, but just dyslexic and learn differently from others. He found out his learning style and since then he has been on fire, even after finishing University, he has always put 30% of his time and earning on further education and self development. 
Just in the last 3 years, Ali has read 198 Books in the area of business, self development, property and stock market (wealth). Up to now(2019), he has spent over £190,000 on his learning and education from the best experts in the field of self development and investment until they accepted him as a experience trainer and coach to train their students. After Ali finished his MBA, the world was beautiful, because now he knew he was not slow or stupid and found out 90% of world leaders are dyslexic and that is an advantage in business, because you see the things others won't see. In University Ali continuously passed his personality test as a natural leader and always has been a business owner with many success and failures experiences to learn from in practice while he was studying at the same time in a part time mode with 4 kids.       
He studied all night to the morning to show people he is not slow in learning, he just learns in different way. Since then he has helped many leaders in business and stock market traders to find out their slow learning is not because they are getting old, but is just because they needed to find their learning style to help them learn faster and succeed at the highest level in life and business.       
Ali has been an entrepreneur all his life and started many business some ended up to be a success, such as a Food business and Driving School and some ended up going down which Ali took them as learning opportunity to learn From. Ali's attitude is a winner attitude and until he does not succeed in what he started, he will not give up. Ali being dyslexic made him poor in coordination and found it very difficult to learn to drive and was bullied by his Driving instructor and laughed at. That made him to decide to be one of the best Driving Instructor and Diamond Examiners of the country in United Kingdom, achieving every qualification available in the driving industry to become one of the highest qualified Driving Instructor and Diamond Examiner to just show himself it is possible to achieve, even if others are busy laughing at you. 
Ali is not coming from a rich background,  same as most successful traders where they inherited some money to use in trading from their mom and dad and that gave them a jump start. Ali has started from 0 and being homeless with his wife at first In United kingdom, until decided he had to change his life. He started to learn and worked hard to build his way up to the point where he is now. Being financially free means Ali can do what he likes, and he loves spending his time with his kids and watching them grow and also do his charity works.
Working in driving industry and Education, watching people perform under pressure helped him understand human behaviour and psychology in action and how someone makes decisions. That interest was pushed further in education in Life and personal Coaching, which Ali studied under the Coaching Guru of the market Tony Robbins & Maddana to understand better how to help people more by using Interventional strategies to help people 10X their inner potential and have better mindset to achieve exponentially in life and business. Learn about Ali's personal life coaching for traders by clicking below 
Other than Running a successful Driving school now on auto pilot, Ali used his university Study to work in a business consulting field while he was training to become a wealth coach and learning the art of investment. With many years of experience in Forex and Stock market trading under his belt he also received professional Forex and stock market investment trading for many years from the best in the market to perfect his art of trading. 
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Ali helped many people to achieve their dream and you can see some of the testimonial on his home page or his Facebook page. By 2009 Ali was very depressed and had no hope of living because of all the life pressures, such as work, having 4 kids and a disabled child while he had to study all nights after the kids went to bed. Ali had to work long hours always and never had enough time to do other things in life other than just being angry, stressed and depressed. He used to be on the look out always to find someone to blame for his failures in life. At that point he lost his faith completely and he use to challenge his creator to take him away so he could ask his questions about God or faith existence, and how unfair God has been to make his child disabled. It was  a dark moment in Ali's life until he saw the light.   
The Accident and Death Experience To Change Ali's Life 
Exactly been Told by Ali about his experience :
This picture was taken in the morning of  the 10th April 2009, the morning that same as usual I was angry and shouting at every one, while blaming everyone for my unhappy life, but I didn't know that was my last picture I was taking and it was the last time I was seeing my children and wife. I thought life was beyond infinity and would never finish, so I was wasting so much time on things which didn't matter in life while I was ignoring the important things which I already had, but could not see.  
Same as usual I got on the bike and few minutes after this picture, at the high speed in National Speed Limits Dual carriageway, I crashed and lost control, but before losing control I was called out of my body to go and see my creator and get my wish of questioning him about his unfairness and why me. I did not feel any pain or did not have even a scratch on my body, while my Powerful motor bike was completely damaged and was written off by my insurance and all my safety gears was melted to the point to touch my last layer of protection, even all my bank cards in my back pocket was melted. only one Credit card was left between my skin and the road surface to save my skin. Yes, finally I was given the chance to ask my questions. 
To me, that was the power of God or Universe (if you want to call it), to show me that if the creator wants to save you, He/she can save you by a thickness of a bank card in your pocket no matter how much safety gears you got on, while nothing else matters. Yes I think it was a show off to wake me up from my deep sleep of denial. I called it the power of the universe for you if you do not believe in God or if you are from a none faith background as I am not here to change people faiths, as it make them have more doubt in life, and that can cause uncertainty in their life. Causing uncertainty is against my mission of creating certainty and assurance for others to live a better and happier life.  
Yes, I was out of my body for 17 minutes and my wish was granted to ask all my questions. While I was gone outside my body, I asked all my questions and found all my WHY's in life..... I did not want to come back, but I was given a gift and a mission to help others to find a way to live a better life to their full potential. I was given a second chance, and now I knew what I want from my life. Since then, I live in the last hour of life, I live like this is my last hour with people, so I make it my mission to create good memories for others. I never have time to argue with anyone and forgive people very quickly, because I only can love others and help them to see the light too and live a joyful life.          
Since my accident I just do whatever my hearts wants. I travelled a lot in poor countries to understand how poor people are happier, 3 days a week I volunteer for homeless charities and many more other charities helping disabled young Children to make better decisions or see life in different way. Helping more unfortunate than me has helped me to understand my experience of meeting my creator better and finally after 10 years of working on myself, I found inner peace. I transformed my life completely and now on the mission to help and educate others.
I learnt a lot about myself in my travels around different countries, and found out, I was a slave to money and my only assessment in life was money. That is why I did not have a balance in life to live happy. I was chasing wealth and wealth was running away from me, which was causing me depression. I was working for money, instead of making money work for me. I went and learnt the art of working Smart, by learning the art of investing and Time management to use my time efficiently and create more time for myself. I learnt how to work to live not live to work to keep balance in life an appreciate life and the moments I get, because I might not get a second chance again. Studying under my mentor the Guro of self development and personal achievement Tony Robbins, helped me to connect the dots and understand life better and now on the mission to help others....    
I had to learn how to use my time better and why others were more successful than me
I started to research and study many successful people to see what they do. I studied 50 successful entrepreneur such as Richard Branson and paid £25,000 GBP on a week retreat to go and live with an American self made millionaire, J Butcher, to find out his secret to success and how he is managing millions of dollars of businesses and companies but still has so much free time to live a happy life. The top secret and the common thing between all successful people was just one thing and that was their Life Plan and goals. Every single one had written Goals but I didn't, so I was ready to create one with the help of J Butcher the self made millionaire and my RMP program with Tony Robbins & Meddana organisation as my coaches.  All that research and experiences helped me to write my own life book plan in details (178 pages) to know where I want to go for the next 10 years, so I can use my time efficiently. 
Now also, I teach other people how to write their own life book plan,  to create a road map for their life, to live more efficient and save more time to do what they love and create the masterpiece they desire. A life without a road map is meaningless, so my first step is to teach people how to create a road map in 12 categories of life to live a happier more balanced life. I help people to set massive goals for different things in different stages of their life and create a road map and solution and plan for them to achieve it. Click below to learn more about my life book program. 
Ali has 4 children which after completing the life book program for each one, as a family they decided state school will not help the children achieve what they want in life, so as parents they took their children out of school and Ali home educated all of his children, putting them in the right programs to guarantee their success.  Ali's son aged 13 was mentioned in Grant Cardon Super property seminar for millionaires in front of 1400 millionaires and successful people in London conference as a success case study and story, because Kian, Ali's son age 13 after leaving school, and being coached by Ali has achieved amazing results by earning $13,000 Dollar in only 2 days, of course before that 2 days Kian and Ali had to work hard on Kian life plan and goals and now Kian is planning to have his own line of internet education courses for children and adults, helping them achieve the same result. Here is the video which was captured by a friend attending the seminar on 8 of June 2019 :       
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