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The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your business and money growth. When your business is doing well, you feel incredible. When your company suffers, so do you. Since your business’ inception, you’ve invested countless hours, capital and undivided energy into making your company successful – but has your business returned that investment? Do you have plans to make Your earning go further? Do you invest your money or just leave it in the bank and let the bank earn lots of profit from investing your money ? 
There are a few questions you can ask yourself to evaluate your success. Is your team aligned and speaking the same language? Are you on track to exceed your sales goals? Are you regularly evaluating and optimising your core processes? Is your company culture increasing or decreasing the value you provide to customers? Are you losing money due to inefficiencies? Or, do you have a thriving business that you’re looking to take to the next level?

Do you have plans to leverage your money and help it grow further? Do you invest in stock market or property? What is your strategy? what is your short term and long term growth plan? Are you growing your money and earning at least 9 to 15% a year or only 0.5 to 2%? 
To reach Financial freedom you have to have 3 Sources of earnings which you can see bellow:   
Whether you need a new strategy or already have a great strategy in place for your business, or Growing your money and earn further, even tax free sometimes, our Joint venture programme can help. By joint venturing with us you grow your money hands free and risk free, as we take on all the risks and make a legal contract with you, same as how you do it with the banks. We invest your money in stock, forex market or property, depending on what return you want and pay you more % on your investment compared to banks. That is exactly what banks do with your money with the only difference be that we are not as greedy as banks, and we will give you more of the profits depending on our contract, paying you 12% to 18% a year (Depending on your investment and the risks), instead of the peanuts banks pay you on your money you invest with them. That is why banks become richers and you are going nowhere, because they take all the profits. Accountability are often more important than the strategy itself in our joint venture so we take great care of our partners. Even a 2mm shift in your approach can create massive growth and an entirely new level of success for your company and leveraging your Money and time.
Ready to take your company or Investment to the next level? Discover how to stop being an operator and start being a true owner and investor by empowering yourself, freeing your time and grow your Money to achieve financial freedom and be able to do what you like, where you like, whenever you like, with whomever you like while your money is growing helping you to operate at your peak and achieve your full financial potential. Call and join ALI SHAHRAKI joint venture program today or book a call to ask your questions.
What can the joint venture Programme do for you as a leader or investor ? Being Busy Running a company makes it difficult for you to pay attention to investment too. Maybe you inherited a lump sum of money or sold a business and want to enjoy traveling and see the world but still make your money grow and earn while you are traveling.  This program is hands free, and all done for you so you can enjoy your free time. You will receive a monthly or yearly interest, depending on our contract and your preferences direct to your bank. The earning can be tax free specially if we are investing in Forex ( consult with your tax advisor for your personal situation). 
With Ali Shahraki Joint Venture Program, you will:
  •  Grow and leverage your Money 
  •  Boost Your Lifestyle 
  •  Maximise productivity by leaving the investment worries to us
  •  Master the skills of Time and money Leveraging 
  •  Be our partner so your success is our success
  •  Take your Business to the next level by becoming an Investor 
  •  Be more Efficient and live a better life and achieve Financial Freedom faster by making your money grow
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